Hey Everyone, Cooking with Cain II has just been released, and it features many improvements and new features from the base game.  For the best experience it is recommended that you play full screen, otherwise the User interface will become slightly off currently.


  • A top-down Overworld where enemies can be encountered and fought in turn-based combat.
  • New Ingredients, Coconut, Pineapple, Ghost Pepper and more!
  • A total of 14 ingredients that you can collect.
  • A shop system wherein players can purchase upgrades for their stats and ingredients as well as new ingredients and potions.
  • 3 Levels to explore and conquer.
  • New enemies to defeat.


Alejandra Gonzalez - Art
Anthony Cano - Art
Conan Truong - Programming, Art
Daniel Cheng- Art
Diellza Sopi - Art
Gilbert Indrajaya - Design
Kyle Jones - Design, Programming, Writing
Lyndon De La Torre - Music
Molina Mey - Art, Programming
Muhammad H. Albayati- Production
Megan Strand - Art
Rami Shreim- Art
Theo Espiritu - Programming
Will Hartono - Programming, Art

Background art courtesy of https://zalarieunique.ru

Install instructions

Here is a download for the windows version of  Cooking with Cain 2 which can be used to keep your progress over long periods of time. There is currently no way to transfer save data from the html game to this version. To play extract the zip folder, and run the exe file titled Cooking with Cain inside.


Cooking With CainII.zip 29 MB

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