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In Cooking with Cain, help Cain save his cooking show by combining demonic ingredients to form delicious attacks to defeat food demons. 


  • Turn based combat
  • Combination based attack system
  • Various Pea enemies
  • An Upgrade system to improve and acquire ingredients


  • Conan - Programming
  •  Kyle - Design, Programming, Writing 
  • Molina - Art, Programming, Producer
  • Theo - Programming 
  • Anthony - Art 
  • Ollie - Art
  •  Rami - Art 
  • Will - Art
  • Background art courtesy of https://zalarieunique.ru

Install instructions

To Install just, download and extract the zip file. Then run the unity .exe titled Cooking with Cain.


Cooking with Cain.zip 22 MB

Development log

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